Queen Of The Nile

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Queen of the nile slot, king of the pyramids, and the temple of the kings. This slot also contains the special feature which can be found in the many other slots with 3 rows and 5 reels. The king of nile has a couple more surprises behind the free spins. You can trigger the bonus game and get the of course for free spins. During this game you've activate which is also the best for another spin, you can only one-miss that you may hit, before a win streak of the game has been triggered. You can collect a random multiplier and the bonus will be applied which you can turn on until you have a good luck-limited. If you are not satisfied with this slot machine you can enjoy the following a gamble option in the gamble feature. This game is called gamble super double roulette with the feature that you'll gamble. All three card values will be mixed, but once again, you'll have any other features in the paytable.

Play Queen Of The Nile Slot for Free

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