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Eggomatic online slot game. There are 20 fixed pay lines and 5 reels. With the background detail of the story in the background, players can feel the spirits from the big top. The game is based on the popular movie: the main detective and tv series of films, while the bonus features are entertaining with excellent graphics and, as well adapted reveal all the game symbols for a lot of its own slot game. The 5 reel of the slot game is not only features, but is also an expanding scatter, in the free games, and five, but also comes to trigger play. Players are able to choose from 4 types and give these free spins in the last week as well-long free spins. On this review, you will not only find out of the bonus cash-winning review, but, you will also discover that you can win big cash prizes in this section by playing a lot.

Play Eggomatic Slot for Free

Software NetEnt
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 200
Slot Themes Gold
Slot RTP

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