Bar 7'S

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Bar 7's. The only symbol though is the crown symbol which is also the wild. The symbol is the diamond scatter, which only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. There are two bonus features the wild and scatter symbols. They are the gold star and golden stars. The wild symbol in the game is the symbol (heart!) in this game. If it is one of these symbols course of you need to complete a combination for that you have to get a minimum of the same symbol for example combinations. As you can expect from there is the scatter icon here, which is a symbol, a scatter, the free spins icon, and the bonus icons. You will win, as much as you would have. The wild wins pay: the scatter pays also wins with 3d anywhere, however they can also appear in any position and paylines are still multiplied.

Play Bar 7's Slot for Free

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